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 Self-defense and Shaolin Video's

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PostSubject: Self-defense and Shaolin Video's   Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:35 pm

Hey friends!
Here is the commercial I told you about last night in Tai Chi Class at Hamilton. I was asked to be the "victim" in this commercial for women's self-defense. I am the woman being chased - LOL!
Enjoy and try not to laugh too hard!

I also included a 2nd video where I am performing with a few of my students. I and my students joined with a few of my Sifu's students to give a more advanced performance for the commercial. We are doing shaolin drills at various times throughout the video. You will also see my teacher performing Drunken Sword, Tiger Tail Broad Sword, Butterfly Swords, Shaolin Spear and a few other things in the mix. ENJOY!

(NOTE: You Tube has disabled offsite viewing for the Shaolin video. When you click the video, just click where it says to watch it on You Tube. It will redirect you to the video on you tube)

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Self-defense and Shaolin Video's
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