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 What's a Breakthrough? READ THIS AND FIND OUT

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PostSubject: What's a Breakthrough? READ THIS AND FIND OUT   Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:19 pm

So what is a breakthrough?

Breakthroughs are times when you attain a brand new or greater understanding of a principle that is being revealed through your training. Many times breakthroughs occur through some of the most basic of skills and often when you least expect them. This blessing of understanding comes in a way that you retain and can draw upon in the future.

- Breakthroughs do not have to be re-learned! They are with you for the duration.
- Breakthroughs bring you to a new level of understanding and prepare you for the next level.
- Breakthroughs are not always physical. They can be physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual. They do not always have to remain in the compartment of Martial Art training.
- Breakthroughs can be tremendous or just very simple. They are not to be judged...but simply enjoyed and appreciated.

Use your breakthroughs as a tool. They allow us to see something that was previously hidden. They will impact your understanding of life in more ways than just the training of martial arts. Search them for the pearls of understanding that they provide for your life. Be sure to open your mind to how your breakthroughs can benefit you in specific areas of your life.

As time goes on...I look forward to hearing from many of you with stories of your own breakthroughs. Post to this forum and let us hear how your training is bringing you personal growth and other benefits. We can all learn from one another by sharing how each of our breakthroughs is revealing and preparing us for new levels of understanding.


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What's a Breakthrough? READ THIS AND FIND OUT
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