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 Explanation of this Forum Category

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PostSubject: Explanation of this Forum Category   Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:26 pm

This category is meant to be a lot of fun, interesting and informative!

Here is how it works:

1) There are various categories in this forum where you can post something interesting that you have done.

Please be sure that you post in the specific category by selecting "Post Reply" and NOT "New Topic". This will provide a string of posts within the category that we can read and enjoy.

2) Once you post - others will read the post and then comment about it. Your post may inspire someone else to to consider doing the same interesting thing that you did. It can be a source of encouragement to try something new or to congratulate someone on what they have done

3) This forum category can be used in two ways:
- To share what you have done
- To find ideas for things that you might like to try

4) You can even post comments into the posts that have been started to get more information from the "Topic Starter"

OK...so a picture is worth a thousand words - - here's what I mean...


- I choose to post something in the category "Food & Drink"
- I post a new topic saying that I have recently eaten something outrageous. Maybe it is something like Alligator Steak.
- Others come to the forum category and read it and maybe comment about it. They might say, "Yuck....that's gross", or they might say, "Wow, I eat Alligator steak all the time...why do you think that is outrageous?". Someone else may come to that topic and post that they are now intrigued, because they had no idea that you could eat Alligator Steak and they want to try it too. They might ask where you got it and how they can go about getting some.

OK...I hope this is giving you a good sense of the forum category. I will be opening a few topics to get us started. I think the categopries will be broad enough for almost anything to fit into. Take a look and see...and maybe we can have some fun with this. I've tried to get us started with a few posts, so you can see how this will work. I'm hoping this will be fun and that many of you will participate in this one.


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Explanation of this Forum Category
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