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 The difference between a "Topic" and a "Reply"

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PostThe difference between a "Topic" and a "Reply"

A forum is a site on the Internet where a community of people can participate in communication through the organization of information within Categories. Every written form of communication in the forum is called a "Post". There are several types of posts or postings and I will explain them below:

In this forum you will see categories like:

- Getting Started in The Forum or
- Sharing with One Another

Within these Categories, you will find sub-categories that keep the information organized. Within these sub-categories you will find individual "Topics" that are written by members of the forum.

For example: You may decide that you want to start a "Topic" under the category: Share Your Training Breakthroughs. To do this, you would click the sub-category "Share your Training Breakthroughs" and then the button marked: "New Topic". You will be directed to a screen where you can write whatever you want to share and then click "send". This new topic will now be visible to the whole community. Anyone can click the topic and read it.

The next type of communication comes in the form of a "Post Reply". This is used when you want to reply to a topic that someone has initiated. This is done by clicking the topic you want to reply to and then clicking the button that says "Post Reply". You will be directed to a screen where you can write your comment and then click "send". When you post a reply, that comment will be attached to the initial topic and you now have an ongoing string of conversation about the original topic.

There are also several other tasks called posts: VM (Visitor Message) and PM (Private Message). You will find these features as you explore and become more familiar with the forum.

So that is a quick overview of how the communication in the forum is organized. You will appreciate the logic of this organization and it will allow everyone to communicate with ease. There are a lot of great tools in the forum that will provide options to make this navigation even more convenient. I suggest you get the hang of posting and as you become more comfortable with the process...you will find these little niceties and begin to incorporate them into your skills.

Of course...if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM (Private Message) and I will be glad to help.
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The difference between a "Topic" and a "Reply" :: Comments

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The difference between a "Topic" and a "Reply"

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