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 Courtesy & Respect

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PostSubject: Courtesy & Respect   Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:40 pm

Everyone is welcome to enjoy our forum and participate in this community.

Everyone should also have a very good understanding and execution of the concepts of
"Courtesy" and "Respect"

Some other specifics that are worthy of mention are as follows:
- Please refrain from including any advertising in your posts or anywhere in the forum. I may eventually open a sub-forum to include this as an option...but for now, I will not.
- Please be mindful of all language.
- If you have entered this forum and are not one of my students...we are thrilled to have you here and want to welcome you. You are encouraged to join and participate. You will be expected to learn and adhere to our code of conduct so that everyone will enjoy the forum.
If at any time I do not agree that your posting follows the rule of "courtesy & respect"...
I will edit the post.

It's really simple.

God bless your contributions here in the forum and we hope that you are blessed as well.

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Courtesy & Respect
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